Can Tech Make You More Productive?

For most of us, technology is just a distraction. How many times have you unlocked your phone and started scrolling through social media without even realising it? But what you might not realise is that the right tech can boost your productivity. Today, I want to share a few of my top recommendations for using tech for good (not procrastination!)

Turning off notifications

Have you ever commented on someone’s Facebook post, and then been notified about it for the rest of the day? This is mildly annoying if you have a busy day. If you don’t care about other people’s responses to it, it’s downright infuriating.

So why not make it a practice to turn off notifications for those sorts of posts once you’ve commented?

Depending on whether you’re on your phone or your computer, you should be able to:

• Hold the notification until an option comes up to turn off notifications for that post (Android phone)

• Click the three dots next to a notification for an option to turn them off (desktop)

This won’t even mean you miss out when someone responds to you. If someone replies directly to your comment, you’ll still get notified. But it does get rid of the never-ending ‘this person also commented on this post’ popping up on your screen.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Is your phone going off when you’re just getting into the groove? It’s time to make friends with your Do Not Disturb mode.

When this is switched on, your phone will not buzz or beep with notifications and phone calls. You can set it for specific hours on specific days – so if you know you’re going to do your content or videos on Thursday mornings, you can do so in silence.

There’s also an option for turning off the flashing light, which is good for those of us who just HAVE to check a flashing phone notification when we see one!

The good thing about this mode is that if someone calls you 3 times, it will ring on the third time. That means that genuine emergencies can get through. You can also set it so that certain numbers are the exception – for example, your child’s school or your relative that doesn’t ever call just to ‘chat’.

News Feed Eradicator

Many of us need to use laptops for work. But it’s easy to get sucked into a hole of scrolling through the Facebook feed. If you’re using Google Chrome as your browser, there’s a simple solution.

News Feed Eradicator is a Chrome extension that blocks the feed on your Facebook home page, replacing it with a thoughtful quote instead. As this article was written, the quoteshowing on the Eradicator page is:

“There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.”

~ Michelle Obama

Inspiring quotes are definitely healthier for your brain – and your productivity levels!

Need some more tips about making tech work for your biz? I’m here to help. My 1:1 sessions can be used for any tech woes you have, from booking systems to Mailchimp. Click here to book today.


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