What your web designer needs to create your website

Creating a website isn’t easy. So you might be looking at outsourcing the job to a web designer – like me! But in order to design a beautiful website that supports your business, I need your help. To get everything done efficiently, these are the things I need to create your website.

Your business name

It seems pretty obvious. But your website needs your business name. Without it, we can’t do things like add a copyright notice on your pages to protect your content.

If your website is going to be a .au site, you need to have a registered business name to secure that domain.

Your colours

To keep your look consistent, you need to have a few colours that go well together to use throughout your site. These may be taken straight from your logo if it includes more than one colour.

If your logo is black or has only one colour, you’ll need to find colours to complement that. Pinterest is a great place to look at colour palettes.

Your target market

If you try to reach everyone and help everyone, you’ll miss the mark. People respond best to practitioners who work in a specific area – who doesn’t prefer going to someone who knows their concern inside out?

Figure out exactly who you want to work with. Some of the things to think about include:

  • Are they in a certain age group or stage of life?

  • Are they male, female or both?

  • Is there a specific health concern or body system involved?

  • Do they have other life factors in common, such as motherhood or self-employment?

This way, I can make sure that your website is friendly to that target market.

Examples of websites you love

We all love different things when it comes to the look and feel of websites. Some people love minimalistic and monochrome, whereas others prefer colour and interactive elements.

That’s why I will ask for examples of websites that you love the look and feel of. This might be another practitioner’s site, a company, or something else. But make sure you note down what you love about it – is it the easy navigation? The colour scheme? Or something else?

Your content

An empty website is a sad website. Your pages need content in order for you to share who you are, what you do, and who you can help. The bare minimum you will need is content for the home page, services, about and contact pages. It’s even better if you have some content to add to the blog as well.

Need help with writing your content? Give my friend Samantha Gemmell a call.

Your images

People are very visual. The first few seconds of looking at a website can help them to decide whether to work with you or not. So your images are an important factor.

You will need images to use, including at least one or two pictures of you! Ideally, they will be professional pictures, as these are high-quality and resolution images. You might also have stock photos that you want to include on your pages.

Ready to get yourself a beautiful website? Gather up these things, and head on over here to book yourself a package.


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